Have you tried it? The new Amstel Radler



Something brand new to try out! Amstel Lager has just introduced something new to their range – a beer made with real lemon juice and it’s called ‘Amstel Radler.’
As expected, the branding of the bottle brings something new, a crispy, bold and lemon theme look. Compared to the look of original Amstel Lager, Radler has a touch of yellow lemon colours on the branding.
Radler has its origins in 1922, when a Bavarian named Franz Xaver Kugler built a bar at the end of a popular bike trail in Germany. After some 13,000 cyclists rode into town demanding beer, Kugler realised he didn’t have nearly enough to satisfy the thirsty German cyclists.
Panicking, Kugler improvised by mixing half his inventory of beer with thousands of bottles of clear lemon soda from his cellar. The 50/50 beer-lemon concoction was an instant hit, and Radler (meaning “cyclist” in German) was born.
Unlike Kugler, Amstel, the Slow Brewed, Extra Matured beer is mixed with real lemon juice in order to create the new tasty and refreshing variant: Amstel Radler with 3% alcohol by volume.
The surprisingly refreshing drink combines a 60% ratio of Amstel Lager with a 40% ratio of real lemon to create the perfect summer beverage. This ratio, together with the low alcohol content, makes the newest addition to the Amstel family the choice of beverage to have during any chill moment.
Amstel Radler is available in the 330ml Non-refundable Bottle (NRB), as well as the 340ml can.
Be sure to grab the new variant from Amstel at your nearest retailer and enjoy the zesty refreshment at any chill occasion with friends.
Amstel promotes responsible drinking. Not for sale to persons under 18.