I Am My Own WORST Enemy By Oluwanishola Akeju

I am my own “Worst” Enemy
2015 I camped in Ummuna Bende, Abia state. I had thought I was good to go and more than ready but later did I know I wasn’t as reality flashed past my eyes and left me with regret, it appeared to be more to the usual camping. There lies many opportunities of different kinds!
( love,relationships, forever friendship, big-big connections )
And luckily I had that opportunity of the later for 21 days. It kept knocking but sadly I have only myself to blame. It was a year I had lost my first and greatest opportunity to rise in life.
Getting my kits, rain shoes, enough money and on and on wasn’t just enough. Yes! I bought all things needed with enough money to ‘flex’ but I needed beyond that. I lacked humility.
Pride they say goes before a fall!
I’d been wandering about alone that evening when I passed along the pavilion blocks to see a section of guys playing chess. ( I’ve always love that game) I had looked for a while before I requested to also give it a try which I was given the “go”.
In the game of chess, the winner stays, apparently, I was to face the winner. After the 4th game, the guy stood and started applauding. Surprising to him, I had won the all 4 in a row; Something that has never happened till the day. Of course he was their best.
That was how i became friend with Nimi. He liked me a lot, and soon enough he developed a great interest in me, he would leave his hostel, come to mine and stay all evening with some other friends. ( I am the new king, I thought ).
It’s easy & glaring to see that he is a rich kid, but hardly will he show it. The way he speaks, the way he reasoned..you would know he schooled abroad.
But like some guys who portray who they are not; nothing but an empty vessel, I decided to show off too. I started a fake life style.
I gave the impression that I was from a rich family. I spent lavishly, ignoring the camp food, pay for friends even when I knew my only hope of going back home was on the ‘allowee’ to be given right there in camp. It would be hard for anyone to doubt that I wasn’t a rich kid.
These made some friends meet with me secretly demanding for help not to forget them after the camp. ( sad enough, among all, I was the one who needed help the most )
Same way they met with me, they met with Nimi. And of course Nimi with a good heart was positive.
Let me tell you about Nimi!
Nimi finished from the Harvard university. All his family stays in the US except his Dad. His Dad is a senior citizen in the country and previously worked with the CBN. Presently, his Dad is a senator and resides in Abuja.
Immediately after our camping, he redeployed to Abuja and we really don’t get along too well like in the camp.
Early this year, one of our friend Tayo who had met with him for help then in camp buzzed me on Facebook and I went through his profile to see he now stays in the US. With tears in my eyes I read him as he wrote” Brother, hope you are good. I trust you sha. all thanks to Nimi. He brought me here and got me a job. Staying with him presently, planning to get my apartment by February.” Nimi had helped just a friend, but I was his closest friend. I should have been where Tayo is. Im sure that was the tip of the iceberg of what Nimi would have done for Tayo.
It took me a long time to get over it, While am still here hoping against hope.
Who knows how far I would have gone in life if I was humble enough to be real.. It’s a bitter experience that still taste bitter till date. But a great lesson learnt
I have myself to blame… It wasn’t the devil!
I have myself only to blame…It would have been my year of breakthrough.
I was my own greatest enemy and thats how much pride could cause
Maybe Nimi was there in the camp to help the poor and not another rich kid like me
Are you what people think you are?