I Am Still Contesting, Ignore Their Lies— Prof Ernest Ojukwu (SAN)


The attention of Prof Ernest Ojukwu (SAN) and his teeming supporters and well-wishers has just been drawn to a FASLE and MALICIOUS notice being circulated on the social media, by some faceless mischief-makers and desperate propagandists, claiming that Prof Ernest Ojukwu has stepped down as a candidate in the NBA Presidential Election 2018. The false notice reads as follows:
“Breaking News. From the Grapevine. Prof Ernest Ojukwu has finally stepped down from NBA Presidential Election. He has quit the Presidential race!! He is no longer eligible to be voted for!! Forward this to all eligible voters.”
The notice is FALSE. There is no iota of truth in it.
Professor Ernest Ojukwu (SAN) is still very much in the NBA Presidential race. We therefore appeal to Nigerian Lawyers and the general public to please disregard the wicked false notice and alarm that he has stepped down. Prof Ojukwu HAS NOT, and WILL NEVER, step down from the NBA Presidential election 2018. He is very prayerful and confident that Nigerian lawyers would vote him in as the next President of the Nigerian Bar Association.
We therefore urge Professor Ojukwu’s supporters to remain resolute in their determination and unflinching in their support for the enthronement of A New Bar in Nigeria, with Prof Ojukwu as the NBA President. Please, resist all provocation and treat everyone with love and respect as fellow members of the noble profession of law. Our vision for a New Bar with Prof Ojukwu as the President of the NBA includes a rancour-free relationship among members of the Bar.
Dear Honourable Life Benchers, Respected Benchers, Distinguished Senior Advocates, Professors, Academics, and Learned Colleagues, Prof Ojukwu is infinitely grateful to you for your support and prayers and urges you to please ignore lies and vote wisely, according to your conscience in the best interest of the Nigerian Bar. The future of the Nigerian Bar is too important to be sacrificed on the altar of cheap lies, desperate blackmails and malignant falsehood. And Prof Ojukwu’s commitment to serve you as President is total.
May God Almighty bless and keep you all, bless the Nigerian Legal Profession, and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
For: Prof Ernest Ojukwu, SAN,
Presidential Candidate for the NBA Elections 2018.