I get pressured for being fat, says Chigurl


Body shaming is not a new phenomenon and popular Nigerian comedienne and actress, Chigurl has had her own fair share.

The actress, who is known for portraying comic characters and her funny accent claims, the pressure she got while in America was less than what she faces in Nigeria since her return.

She said, “I lived in America for 12 years and I faced a lot of pressure and when I got back to Nigeria, the pressure was even more.

There are so many slim ladies here. Also I got dissed a lot on the internet especially about my size but I always tell them that they are late. Nigerians are so unforgiving and they are probably the best at insulting people in the world. It is our talent.”

On how she handles criticism, she said; “To be honest, those insults actually get to me. What I have been doing lately is that when people insult me, I reply them without being rude.

I try to stay away from insensitive people and whenever they make comments that I cannot ignore, I address it without being abusive with my words.

Some people say that I am giving them five minutes of fame but I don’t think it makes sense to take time to look at my social media page, look at my picture, then make a negative comment.

I don’t really like to block or delete people’s contact but I have blocked about two people in the past three weeks. I would not lie, there shall be more people I would block but I try not to resort to that.

Some people actually apologise when they realise that they have been insensitive.

However, there are some other people who believe insulting me would give them their five minutes of fame. I oblige them but I address the matter without being abusive.”