Instagram bog boy, Hushpuppi has replied his former friend, Mompha and baby mama who accused him of not taking care of his 4-year-old son

Hushpuppi Reacts To Allegations Of Not Taking Care Of His Son, Shares Photos Of Gifts
Recall Mompha had earlier alleged that Hushpuppi had a 4-year-old son and was not taking care of him, and then his baby mama attacked him for calling her a Nobody.
Now, Hushpuppi has responded to their allegations. He revealed he has been in constant contact with his son, and he’s sent her money a couple of times, but instead she chose to divert the money for something else, to buy a car.
Hushpuppi then revealed he stopped sending her money, since she’s married.
He also shared screenshots of the gifts he bought his son, screenshot of the constant Facetime he’s had with the boy.

“How can someone say I am not in the child’s life when this was me and the child on FaceTime 3 days before the drama. She always has wanted to associate herself with my name in public, she knew what she was doing by going to mompha when there’s fight,” He started off his rant…

He shared photos of the gifts he gave his son.