Instagram Introduce face filters during LIVE video


Photo: Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app – Instagram is taking its filters game to another level.
Instagram will now allow users to add face filters when they’re LIVE. The filters which appear on the LIVE video includes; sunglasses, a kitten, stars and rainbow light to mention a few.
To use face filters in live video, tap the face icon in the bottom right corner before or during your broadcast. Tap any filter to check out a new look, and play around with as many as you’d like. You can also try on the new sunglasses face filter — available exclusively in live video for the next week — and tap to change the scenery reflected in your lenses.
When your broadcast has ended you can share a replay to stories, or choose “Discard” and your live video will disappear from the app as usual.
The Face filters in LIVE video will be available to most users from next several weeks.