Introducing Gradepoint – No 1 School Management Software in Nigeria

GradePoint is a smart web based software or application for schools (single or a group of schools) that helps upload and manage term scores and results. The power of the GradePoint application is in its ability to integrate with its in-built e-library and assignments portal.
GradePoint is deployed online as a web application so that multiple schools under a group of schools can create their own school instances, create user accounts and use.

Student Identification Codes (alternative to scratch cards) are generated so that Parents or guardians can have access to the web application to view terminal reports and the e-library and assignments portal.  It is a multi-user application with secure authentication credentials per user —  teacher / student  / parent.
With Gradepoint, schools are able to automate processes and overcome all the current challenges associated with the manual system of result compilation in schools.
Benefits of GradePoint include:
1. Secure.
2. Easy to use.
3. Results management and Report Card generation.
4. E-Library and Assignments portal integration.
5. Generates revenue.
6. Allows Parents to track results and progress.
7. A multi-school, multi-user application – Can be used for more than one school at once.
8. Robust – in functionality and user privileges.
9. Content Management control is in your hands. Eliminates the need to ship data to an offsite office for data entry.
10. Reduces paper work and embraces a greener work environment.
Schools sampling
St. Joseph N/P School
Kingstep International Schools
TeenyToes School
Stella Maris School
Lumex College
Rotad Schools
Ultimate Schools
Farsar N/P School
St Charles N/P School
Crest International Schools
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