Kashamu-Gbenga Daniel’s Antecedents Will Haunt PDP If Elected Chairman

As the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) inches closer, the Senator representing Ogun East in the National Assembly, Senator Buruji Kashamu, has for the umpteenth time cautioned his fellow PDP members from considering a former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, as the party’s chairman.
Reiterating his position on the aspiration of Daniel to contest for the leading opposition party plum job, Kashamu said he is surprised that the former governor has refused or unable to refute reasons he (Kashamu), gave upon which Daniel is not morally, socially and politically fit for the job, adding that, “Should this silence be taken as concurrence to the committal of these crimes?”
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Kashamu said in the unlikely event that you’re erroneously elected, the party shall take responsibility for the architect of her unavoidable misfortune.
According to the South-West PDP leader, “Being a lover of due process and public accountability, explains in part, the reasons for my dislike for a questionable character like OGD with multiple unresolved ongoing criminal cases; to be errorneously elected as Chairman of the PDP.
“Added to this is the predictable collateral political liabilities to the party and the consequential electoral damages which those of us who are party members shall unfortunately have to bear in the event of such unfortunate but avoidable ugly occurrence.
“Indeed, OGD is a cheap opportunist; coming from AD, he exploited democratic fairness of PDP to become governor. He left upon completion of his tenure in merry-go-round to PPN and Labour party to return to exploit and embezzled the Jonathan campaign funds. Now, sheepishly seeking national chairmanship for self aggrandizement and enrichment.”
Kashamu stated further that, “Normally, a worthy public office holder with integrity should resign from office over allegations of corruption, abuse of office, criminal assault or murder talkless of a person with ongoing investigations and trial over all these vices bracing up to be elected into office during the pendency of his trial.
“This is uncharitable and absurd, especially in the current case of the national chairmanship of PDP; the Nigerian main opposition political party with bright chances of becoming the party in government very soon. Should the aspirations and bright future of all of us be jeopardized by the narrow interest of this accused?
“I candidly believe that we should not elect in error, anybody with the liability of even the slightest stain of previous public service engagements as national chairman to enable Nigerians take us as ready and serious to takeover and genuinely run the needed progressive government.”
Restating issues which he alleged that Daniel should pointedly addressed , especially when he was the governor between 2003 and 2011, Kashamu said alleged “cases of corruption, criminal abuse of office, multiple killings and unlawful assaults, aside of their criminal essence; are veritable indications that OGD lacks public trust, accountability, democratic tolerance and the capacity of humble carriage and modesty in the use of powers of high public office.”
He noted further that: “On the ongoing EFCC corruption cases; it would be unwise if not totally foolhardy of us as a political party to extend OGD an undeserved election in anticipation of  acquittal which as things are, shall draw into the election year. It’s indeed unthinkable to flag off our campaigns under a National Chairman encumbered by ongoing corruption and possibly multiple criminal assaults and murder cases on his neck.
“The interestingly innovative style of OGD’s corruption is that he is perpetually broke financially, making him irredeemably a continuous extortionist. As he rakes in money, he pumps straight into property developments; ranging from hotels to houses in the proxy’s names. This is a habitual corruption trait he must have developed as a serving governor when he actually started building his “CONFERENCE HOTELS” chain and sundry property developments locally and internationally, to cover his tracks.
“With his declining lift engineering business , OGD present occupation is political extortion of gullible aspirants, majorly Ogun gubernatorial hopefuls not minding the political party they belong. He is currently awkwardly combining the mentoring of the conflicting gubernatorial aspirations of PDP’s Ladi Adebutu with APC’s Senator Yayi!!! Isn’t this amazing?
“Certainly under Daniel, party tickets shall be by “exploitative bazaars” with choice gubernatorial tickets going for billions of Naira. He is indeed a pathological liar and accomplished extortionist with unimaginable prowess to simultaneously engage in multiple contradictions. He is a calamity that should not be allowed to befall the PDP. God forbid his election, OGD would unimaginably extort money from our presidential aspirants without even being ever satisfied until he is able to exploit and manipulate the process to become the Vice-President,” he said.
Kashamu who also wrote a personal letter to Daniel to put him on notice of the compelling need to adequately respond to these issues for equitable justice and fair play , stated that, “I’m against your national chairmanship aspiration on principles that I’ve earlier enumerated. All I have said are genuinely the bitter truth about and you indeed know. It’s now on record that I’ve revealed the true OGD and in the unlikely event that you are erroneously elected, the party shall take responsibility for the architect of her unavoidable misfortune. But that won’t happen, as you won’t be elected in any error. “