Lawyers Fume Over TCCP Decision To Renege On Issuance Of Smart-Tablets For 2018 AGC


Lawyers in Nigeria have started registering their dissatisfaction with the decision of the Technical Committee on Conference Planning, (TCCP) to renege on the issuance of Smart-Tablets for the 2018 NBA Annual General Conference.
Many lawyers who spoke on the matter, wondered why lawyers were made to pay the same amount that was paid last year as conference fee, when the items provided last year are not part of the packages for this year’s conference.
One of the lawyers who spoke to TheNigerialawyer (TNL) described the decision as a scam, as according to him, collecting the said sum and making a u-turn thereafter to say that the packages will not be included, is simply an insult to legal practitioners.
”How can they make lawyers to pay the same conference fees that were paid last year with the impression that they are going to issue either Tablets or mini Laptops, only for them to turn around and say they’re giving apps and flash drives?”
”What sort of scam is that? What sort of insult is that?
Another firebrand lawyer and activist, popularly known as Steve Sun, while berating another lawyer for finding the TCCP’s position funny said.
“Some things aren’t funny! You paid the same amount last year, primarily because of the cost of the logistics surrounding the procurement and distribution of the Smart-Tablets. If as a lawyer, you cannot ask what the justification for paying the same amount this year is, in the absence of the primary reason for which you paid same amount last year, then you’re probably in the wrong profession! You give people the impression that they’re going to get a particular thing and they go ahead and make payment on that premise and then you turn around and say you’ll not be issuing the thing, the basis of which the payment was made in the first place……if that isn’t the definition of SCAM/OBTAINING BY FALSE PRETENSES, then I don’t know what is!”
Another lawyer by the name, Jeremiah Ochiwu Omirigbe, added that the way and manner in which things are organized with regards to the conference simply makes him to be ashamed of being called a lawyer, to say the least. According to him, nothing seems to be working in the Bar.
“I’m ashamed to call myself a lawyer or even an NBA member.
”Nothing seems to work. Not the conference, not the election; not even the safeguard of the rule of Law.
”All I see is fraudulent seniors who only care about their pockets and not the welfare or mentoring of younger professionals”.
According to him, twenty thousand naira for apps & flash drives for the conference is already a sign of failure for this year’s AGC.