Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu was seen at Nri forest offering prayers


Video: IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu, Offers Prayers at Nri Forest in Anambra state, Vows to fight Islamisation 

The Nri forest in Anambra state is revered as the “forest of life” by Igbo tradition. It is believed that it was where the first burnt offering was scarified by the Jewish Igbo ancestors when they migrated from Israel about 300 years ago.

Shortly after he offered his prayers, he addressed a crowd gathered at Nri community and vowed to resist islamisation in the east.

He said:

“The Islamisation plot is real but they won’t succeed in my life time. No, never; not when I am alive.

“The struggle for Biafra which I proudly lead is not a secessionist aspiration of NdiIgbo only as some erroneously think.

Biafra is not just a living agitation but a fight for the survival of Christians in Nigeria against the entrenched threats of radical Islamic fundamentalists and their political collaborators within and outside Nigeria.”

He assured Christians in the North that he would not abandon them after actualizing Biafra, but would also defend them against any imposition of religious faith against their will.

He also urged people to sit at home on the 18th of November, a date scheduled for Anambra state governorship election, if they want Biafra to be achieved.

“If you want Biafra to be restored, sit at home on November 18. I am not saying you should fight or take up arms; rather you will see Biafra emerging like the rising sun very soon.”