Light Aircraft Killed A Man and Daughter While Making Emergency Landing On Beach Near Lisbon (photos)

The Portugese National Maritime Authority said a 50 year old man and an 8 year old girl died after a light aircraft made an emergency landing on Sao Joao beach in Caparica, Portugal.

Terrified beach goers ran into the sea as the plane flew towards them on a packed beach, killing a man and the girl who were sunbathing at the time.

Police are now questioning the two pilots aboard the plane – one of whom was having a flying lesson at the time. The two occupants were unharmed. An eyewitness said the plane had been flying at a low altitude over the beach, although he did not realise anything was wrong until other beachgoers began running.

One young witness told Reuters, ‘I was near the water when I saw the plane. I called my parents, the plane fell on the sand and ran over two people, fatally hurting them and another was injured, I think, but I’m not sure, people were running away. The plane is still there, but the ambulances arrived quickly. I think maybe the fuel ran out because I find it weird that it landed on the beach.”
Other reports said the victims had been sunbathing when the plane made its emergency landing and killed them.