Meet Rumi and Sir Carter! Beyonce and Jay Z’s twin names ‘revealed as couple file trademarks’


And despite the couple’s silence on their new babies – they have yet to even officially confirm the birth – their names appear to have finally emerged. The newborns were revealed to be named Rumi and Sir Carter, after their parents filed trademarks to protect the names.

According to the website TMZ the company run by Beyonce and Jay Z – real name Shawn Corey Carter – filed legal documents on Friday to secure the rights to the unusual monikers. While both names are distinctly unusual choices, Sir is the more uncommon of the two – with the name normally used as a title before a man’s first name.

Meanwhile, while Rumi is a Japanese girls name, it’s also the last name of the famed 13th century Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi. ‘Sir’ also happens to be used in one of his most famous poems:

‘Bring the pure wine of love and freedom.

But Sir, a tornado is coming.

More wine, we’ll teach this storm

A thing or two about whirling’.

 Jay Z has been getting a lot of advice from his friends, including old pal Diddy. The 47-year-old music mogul is a long-time friend of the New York-born rap star, and as the father of 10-year-old twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James, Diddy has been happy to offer his help to Jay.

He shared: ‘Jay-Z is the one that gives me counsel, so I was so happy to be able to give him counsel on this. And the thing that I said is, you have to be prepared for double the love. You are used to getting love from one child, but when you get this incredible love from two kids, and they’re twins, it is truly a blessing.

‘And may God bless him and Beyonce and their family and everybody out there that has kids – period. That’s what really runs our lives. But to have twins is double the fun.’