My Manifesto Is My Contract With The Bar, Prof. Ernest Ojukwu Reminds Supporters, As He Lauds Them For Their Support Thus Far


My FUTURE-BAR colleagues brothers and sisters, it has been an exhausting campaign for us all but I have been so thoroughly humbled by your passion, commitment, and extra ordinary selfless hard work to alter the fate of the Legal Profession in our life time.
You have supported me with your time, resources and physical and mental energy.
Some of you have received threats and abuses from your employers and relations while some have been insulted by low-life persons.
But in all these you have stood your ground and have converted thousands of soldiers-in-law that have created a FUTURE-BAR MOVEMENT committed to SETTING-A-NEW-Bar where ethics, discipline, honesty, sincerity, integrity, equal participation, democracy, rule of law, dignity, good governance and best practices shall reign. I cannot reward you enough with anything even if I have all material things to say thank you with.
But I am certain that I shall not disappoint you.
MY MANIFESTO is my CONTRACT with the BAR; My OATH with you.
GOD bless you as you Vote for me for a Bar of our dream.