NBA Decides 2018: Things A Bar Man Must Do To Be Eligible To Vote


As the NBA National election approaches for the election of key officers to hold national offices, it is expected that members of the NBA get themselves prepared for the exercise which is scheduled to be held on July, later this year. Nonetheless, with the look of things, it is obvious that many bar men are yet to understand perfectly well, the processes to be taken or otherwise steps that make one eligible to vote at the forthcoming election.TheNigerialawyer in this regard will be employing the explanation already made available to expose the processes to be taken to make one cast his vote successfully at the poll.Firstly, an eligible voter must have paid the current practising fee and branch dues on or before the 31st March, 2018.The same must have been verified by the Nigerian Bar Association. It must be noted that this is done just once, as double verification is not allowed.The supposed eligible voter must as a matter of fact submit the bank teller for the payment of branch dues to the branch in exchange for branch receipt.This is important as payment of branch dues to the branch account is not the same as payment of branch dues. What makes you eligible to vote is the issuance of branch due receipt by the branch. This is the reason branches are requesting members to bring the tellers in exchange for the branch receipt and to also forward the persons name to Abuja for purpose of the voters listAlso, the same must have his or her name submitted to the Electoral Committee by his or her branch and as well have a valid and active email address as voting platform can only be accessed via an email. The said voter must also be available on the 27th and 28th July, 2018 to cast his or her vote.It was finally revealed that the voter must also have done accreditation upon the opening of the voting portal for accreditation. Failure to do so at the appropriate time will automatically deny the voter voting on the 27/28th July, 2018.However, this is subject to the adoption of the ECNBA as they current committee may choose not to adopt it.The above explanation simply means that whosoever did not pay his or her practicing fees and branch dues on or before the 31st day of March, 2018 cannot vote at the poll. But as seen above, payment of the necessary fees is not enough to make one eligible as other steps are expected to be taken for one to be qualified fully to cast his or her vote.Bar men are therefore advised to do the needful as the election is just few days from today.