NBA National Elections & Stomach Infrastructure Mentality


Any lawyer who gives out his/her vote to someome solely because that someone gave him money or bought him/her mobile data of N200 or recharge card of any amount or merely because that someone took him out, or invited him/her, to a beer parlour or pepper soup joint and bought him/her a bottle or bottles of beer or treated him/her to plates of some “small chops” is in all honesty not worthy of being associated with the appellation”barrister” or “lawyer.” Such a lawyer has no business being a lawyer! Because such a lawyer is among the reasons we are still backward in this country and in the legal profession.
Such a lawyer is indeed a stomach infrastructure legal practitioner who can be bought over for some cheap frivolous price that adds nothing to his/her longtime happiness or wellbeing and who is prepared to chase after frivolities and momentary pleasure in place of enduring benefits. Such a lawyer is not interested in whether the pepper soup buyer and wifi-data provider has anything credible to offer the Nigerian Bar, after the election. Such a lawyer does not care about the candidate(s) that have the best interest of the bar at heart; candidates that are out to genuinely serve. Just give such a lawyer a N200-wifi data or some airtime for mobile Calls and you’re his best candidate.
Unfortunate! Chai!!!! I think it’s to such a lawyer that the Holy Bible refers when it exclaims, Man shall not live by bread alone .. . Such a lawyer needs to be advised that a lie or deception can only make a temporary sense and give you some momentary happiness. The truth is permanent, lasts forever and brings you long-term fulfillment. As Adam Kirk Smith once said, one will make wiser and better decisions once one begins thinking long-term rather than short-term. So, I would rather forgo the N200 WiFi data, money, pepper soup, small chops or pizzar and beer bottles in order to be better placed to reasonably elect the candidate with a clear vision of leaving an enduring legacy that would take the Nigerian bar further on the ladder of progress as well as activate and cater for the long-term happiness of members of the Nigerian Bar. You should consider it a huge slight on your sensibilities and integrity for a fellow legal practitioner to offer you or invite you to partake in some crumbs from his table with a view to buying your votes! Accepting such an offer is grossly demeaning, in my opinion.
It means you’ve agreed to mortgage your destiny as a lawyer and the destiny of the legal profession for a mere pot of porridge!! I can’t understand how any lawyer worth his onions could even accept such an offer! In this wise, therefore, I have a humble piece of counsel for all Nigerian lawyers. And I borrow it from the book, DAILY DRIVE 365, written by Israelmore Ayivor: Be willing to pass through a short term pain so that you can come out with a long term gain.
Don’t fear the horrible waves of the waters; just dare to cross and you get there! If we can heed this humble counsel and stand firm to reject promises of immediate momentary pleasures, we’d sure make it stronger in the best interest of the progress of the Nigerian bar.
Those who lure you with money or mobile data or small chops owe you nothing after the elections, because they have bought and paid for your votes. So you’d have no moral right to ask that they lead or serve you well after they win! “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped!”
(per Anthony Robbins)
Be properly advised.
Thank you. Kindest regards
Sylvester Udemezue