NBA President, Paul Usoro, SAN, Calls On Police To Unmask And Bring To Justice The Murderers Of Emeka Agudu


The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Paul Usoro, SAN, has charged the Nigerian Police Force to unmask the masterminds behind the gruesome murder of Oboll-ofor, Chairman, Emeka Agundu.
The president who made this call on the 4th day of September 2018, expressed his worries over how the assassination was successfully carried under the nose of the Nigerian Police after the first attempt by the assassins.
He also charged the Nigerian Government to mount CCTV monitors at the nooks and crannies of Nigeria to boost Security.
He further stated that the Nigerian Bar Association remains ready and willing to work with the federal government and the NPF, in these and other crime-detection and prevention areas and measures.
Read the letter below
Last Sunday, 02 September 2018, Mr. Emeka Agundu, Chairman of the Obollo-Afor Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, was gruesomely assassinated by yet-to-be-known persons.
Two weeks earlier, Mr. Agundu, we are told, had survived a similar assassination attempt and was, as at the time of his murder, still recovering from the gunshot wounds he had sustained during the unsuccessful attempt. We understand that he had reported the earlier assassination attempt to the Nigeria Police Force (“NPF”) prior to his murder.
The Nigerian Bar Association mourns the heinous murder of Mr. Agundu and calls on the law enforcement agencies to unmask and bring to justice, the men behind this horrendous crime. Emeka’s death must not be recorded simply as one more statistic in the list of unresolved murders. Indeed, Emeka’s murder underscores the need for the various strata of governments of the land to wake up and live up to their responsibilities in the area of security of lives and property. It bears emphasizing that the primary role of governments, the world over, is and remains the protection of lives and properties. That indeed is the raison d’etre of the NPF.
In this instance, we cannot but wonder what the men of the NPF did to protect Mr. Agundu’s life after the first unsuccessful assassination attempt which, we are told, was reported to them by Mr. Agundu. It would be useful to know what the men and women of the Police Force are doing to fish out the person(s) who made the earlier unsuccessful attempt at Mr. Agundu’s life and who, possibly, are the same persons who finally cut short his life.
In point of fact, the horrific assassination of Mr. Agunu is but the latest in the incidents of banditry and murder that Nigerians have been living with in different parts of the country including but not limited to Zamfara, Plateau and Benue States. Does the Police Force face challenges in containing these incidents of insecurity to lives and property in the land? Possibly so. In that event, the Federal Government of Nigeria, working with NPF, needs to properly diagnose these challenges and work at resolving them.
Immediate areas that we believe NPF may need support and assistance may be in the areas of training and retraining in crime detection and investigation, review of compensation packages for the men and women of the Police Force, supply of modern equipment for detecting and combating crime. In the long term, we see no reason why Nigeria should not aspire to status of ensuring the installation and maintenance of pervasive CCTV monitors in the nooks and crannies of the country for purposes of crime detection and prevention, amongst others.
The Nigerian Bar Association remains ready and willing to work with the FGN and indeed, the NPF, in these and other crime-detection and prevention areas and measures. In the meantime, our hearts and sincere condolences go out to the immediate and extended family, friends and associates of our late beloved colleague, Mr. Agundu, even as we pray for his repose.
Paul Usoro, SAN FCIArb
Nigerian Bar Association