Nigerians should stop adding “Your Excellency” to names of government officials- Yemi Osinbajo

Stop Calling Government Officials “Your Excellency”- Yemi Osinbajo tells Nigerians in Anger
Nigeria’s acting president, Yemi Osinbajo in an angry state said Nigerians should stop adding “Your Excellency” to names of government officials and leaders.
He stated that the only condition that prefix should be added to names is if they can justify such title by their deeds.
Osinbajo said this while declaring open the 16th Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers (Africa Region), CSPOC in Abuja.
“So, while we speak of our Legislative halls as Hallowed Chambers, our courts as temples of justice, and the Executive villas as corridors of power, all suggestive of grand, but isolated institutions. The reality for the majority of our peoples, is the misery of the slums and the indignities of powerlessness.
“So, while we describe ourselves as Excellencies, Distinguished, and Honorables, the vast majority our people would in their most polite moments, say that they see neither excellence, nor much honour in their own lives.
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“The leadership positions we occupy is a short lease, that providence and the electorate have given us to shape the present and determine the future of millions and the generations that will be born to them, it would be foolish indeed to think that it is an occasion for self aggrandizement, or the pursuit of selfish interests.
“The responsibility that privilege and power place upon us, is to do our utmost to change the current bleak narratives and projections for our nation, and the world.
“It is therefore, my submission that the burden that the privilege of leadership places upon us, is that our tenured positions in the Executive and Legislature, must not be wasted on conflicts and division. The problems are too grave, the lives and livelihoods of millions, depend on our cooperation; we cannot afford to fail.”