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Friday, October 2, 2020
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Nigerias React As Male Models Call Out Solomon For Alleged Sexual Molestation (Read Full Details)

Following the accusation of rape by some male models against their colleague, some Twitter users have reacted to the story.

Some users have pointed out that the story may be planned by all three involved, while others were shocked to find out that Solomon had been accused by his friends.

Some other Twitter users were of the opinion that people are now making the case something against the LGBTQ community, as they also reminded people that it shouldn’t be about the LGBTQ community.

Solomon, however, is yet to react to these allegations against him.

See Reactions Here:

Nobody is asking what Solomon’s victims wore and why they visited him late at night. Keep that same energy when it’s a woman. Thanks

— Za Phoenix

(@dubeimmmm) June 4, 2020

All these seniors back in high school that bullied junior students to suck/massage their dick as per punishment,now you’re forming homophobic under Solomon’s gist If I break your useless head with hammer.

— goz

(@victorvictor208) June 4, 2020

Public service announcement: To all the Nigerian men under this thread who have gone wonderfully off point, I’d like to remind you that the issue we have and should be having with Solomon right now is the fact that he sexually molested somebody and not that he was gay. https://t.co/IYxUjAEPVL

— ife (@ifeafolayann) June 4, 2020

I want you all to remember that Solomon did what he did because he is a molester not because of his sexuality. Leave his sexuality out of it and focus on the real problem here

— Not Your Typical Boy (@liamjajitoby) June 4, 2020

Drag Solomon because he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR not because he is GAY OR BI , being a sexual predator is wrong being gay Is not!

— 𝕷𝖊𝖔 (@omgitsleonardd) June 4, 2020

When all the girls that have tripping for Just -Solomon

Finds out their gender is not even his spec.

E.B things pic.twitter.com/XdkySuQpR7

— Thesemilore. (@thesemilore) June 4, 2020

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