Now That The NBA Has Decided


It is no longer news that the Nigerian Bar Association has selected her new crop of leaders that would pilot her affairs for the next two years.
While the processes leading tothe elections and the subsequent results have been greeted with complaints of gross hacking,   and ineptitude on the part of the agency contracted to organise the elections in some quarters, others (majorly those whose camps emerged victorious) have accepted the outcome of the elections as free, fair, and credible. It wouldn’t be unexpected  in the days to come to see suits filed in court challenging the outcome of the elections. In any event, we are lawyers and if we advocate same for the populace in the general elections, nothing stops us from advocating same in  the NBA.
The elections for a fact was fraught with certain short comings and though apologists from camps that emerged victorious would have us believe that the exercise was free, fair and credible, there is no gainsaying the fact that more needs to be done by the NBA in terms of the procedures for selecting members into her national offices. Regrettably, ours is not a preventive regime and rather than learn from the mistakes and/or complaints from the last elections with a view to ensuring same complaints doesn’t arise in the future, we’ll just sit back and watch till it’s time for another election and the same complaints arise.
Interestingly, the President-Elect during his campaigns had the mantra “PUrified” and it is the hope of members of the NBA that the so-called “PUrification” was nothing but a mere campaign slogan. It is the hope of the lawyers that the said PUrification would wind out corruption, and indeed PUrify the NBA of all the ills complained  of by lawyers in the present and past dispensations. It is the hope of young lawyers that the said PUrification would bring to the fore the interest of young lawyers. It is the hope of members of the NBA that the PUrification would disappoint those with the mindset that people only garner for national offices in the NBA to enrich thier pockets. Alot needs  to be done within the NBA and it is the hope of her members that her new crop of leaders  would not disappoint themin this regard.
Like the cliche goes, “in every contest, there’s always a winner and a loser” and losing in an election comes with a great price. It is however expected of members of the NBA that the aspirants who didn’t emerge victorious in the just concluded elections would display maturity and together,work for the interest of the NBA. Afterall, if the NBA succeeds, it is all members of the NBA that succeeds, and if it fails, it is all members of the NBA that fails. Indeed, no nation, association,or organisation desirous of growth can prosper devoid of criticisms. It is however the hope of the NBA and the populace that her members would be constructive in her criticisms. With or without a political office, her members should assist the new crop leaders in realising the objectives of the NBA for in the end, what we all desire is an NBA that is truly PUrified.
Jeremiah O. Aimionsevbuse is a legal practitioner, practicing in Lagos State, Nigeria. For questions, comments and or criticism on the above, contact him on 07037588029, or