Opinion Poll: Did Outgoing A.B. Mahmoud SAN Led Administration Perform Up To Expectations?


As the A.B. Mahmoud’s led administration commences the hand over process, bar men are beginning to set their minds on a new era; a new phase for the bar, full of expectations for the future.
Surely, the learned silk mounted the seat of leadership at a time when the bar cried out for reformation; a cry for ideas to move the association forward or safely put, to the promise land.
Promises were made by the feet that wished to wear the big shoe then, and in the midst of a controversial quest, A.B. Mahmoud, SAN, emerged as the anchor head.
Years after, the bar returned to the poll to determine what future they wish for the bar. However, many were the challenges of the Electoral Committee (ECNBA) saddled with the responsibility of engineering the process for a new era.
Indeed, the successes or failures of the outgoing administration are tied to how well A.B. Mahmoud promises were met; by this we mean the fulfillment from the least promise to the electoral committee’s delivery at the poll. This can only be said by bar men. So, what do bar men say about the outgoing administration? Did they perform up to expectations?
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