Seller Caught Spraying Urine on Cucumbers in Owerri


A cucumber seller was reportedly caught spraying urine on his wares around Federal Housing estate Umuguma Owerri, Imo State.

This report was given by Facebook user, Barrister Onwukaike Paschal who stated that the vendor was caught washing the cucumber he sold to the public with his urine.
The man allegedly urinated in a clear bottle and used the content of the bottle to wash the cucumber he displayed for sale on his wheelbarrow.
However, unknown to him, some people took notice of his actions. He was approached him by the people, questioned and forced to drink the content of the bottle.
Onwukaike Paschal in his report wrote,

‘This man was caught spraying his urine on the cucumber he was selling and was forced by the mob to drink it and also eat the cucumber it took him over 20minutes before he accepted to drink it. Be careful what you buy from these vendors.’