Shocking!!!Paranormal Cameraman Who Doesn’t Believe In Ghosts Gets “shoved By Spirit” Leaving Scratches On His Back (video)



A paranormal cameraman who doesn’t believe in ghosts was left in shock when he felt someone push him from behind and later, three unexplained scratches appeared on his back.

Spirit Team, a paranormal team, were filming at Fort Widley in Portsmouth, England last Saturday when the strange incident occurred. According to the paranormal team, Fort Widley is haunted. It is believed to be the home to the spirit of a little boy who haunts the tunnels.

In the footage, the team, consisting of three people can be seen filming in a creepy dark room. Soon, the camera man jerks like he’s been pushed from the back, then shouts: “Something’s touched me!”. He looked around confused to see if someone was playing a prank but there was no one behind him.

His crew did not believe him and they laughed it off but he insisted that he had been touched. He said his back hurt from the touch but his colleagues still did not take him seriously.

“It f***ing hurts. I’m shaking, I’m shaking,” he said.

A colleague jokes: “They said the cameraman was going to get it ‘cos you’re the quiet one in the back.”

But the cameraman replies seriously: “Something has pushed my in my back and it feels sore. It really hurts.”

At this point, one of his colleagues goes to him and lifts his shirt. To their shock, they found angry scratch marks across his back. His team said he had to go outside to compose himself after the incident.

They said: “The cameraman in question is the sceptical member of the team and was genuinely really shook up from this. He had to remove himself from the area of investigation for several minutes to compose himself as he felt physically sick after it happened.”

Watch the spooky video below.