Software for detecting stolen vehicle coming in October


…As dealers groan, seek review of automotive policy
The implementation of the deal that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris approved for the Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) for vehicles’ data generation and enforcement will begin by the end of October.
The Nation on Tuesday gathered from the association’s President, Prince Ajibola Adedoyin in Abuja that “we have got the approval of the IGP. He is ready to work with us to make sure that the Nigeria Police Force curbs the issue of stolen vehicles, kidnapping or any crime that has to do with vehicles.”
Stressing that 90 per cent of crime has to do with vehicles, he submitted that hardly any crime can be successful without a vehicle.
He said that “If we have the data of where this vehicle is coming from and the government has it on its fingertip, it becomes easier” to detect criminal activities.
The association and the police, he said, are working to produce an Information Technology (software) that will recognize the chassis numbers of vehicles.
Adedoyin said that in collaboration with the police, AMDON is already has started the issuance of highly secured ID card to all its members.
According to him, once the police insert the chassis number of the vehicle into the software in their office, it will indicate wether it is among those that have been reportedly stolen or not.
The software and data implementation, he said, will reduce the incidence of stolen vehicles in the country.
He said that “we have already begun the implementation. We hope that tentatively before the end of October we should be able to start it. But the ID card, we have already started.
There is a kind of partnership that we are into now with the police. With the approval of the Inspector General of Police. The association is partnering with the police to make sure that there a designated kind of ID card for every of our member that will be authenticated, and it will carry a chip that it can easily be identified, so that it could not easily be faked.
“At the same time there is this issue of before our members receive of sell a car, we are partners with the Nigeria Police Force to make sure that there is a way that we will come up with an IT system that once it comes with a number, you will just insert the chassis number of that car and send it to the data base of stolen vehicles.
“You will get a reply if it is okay or not okay. With that, any car that comes to our notice, once they do it and comes back contrary, you know the next thing to do. We are going to sensitize all our members nationwide on this. We want to reduce drastically the issue of stolen vehicles.
“I can tell you that IGP Idris has magnanimously given us that approval an we are working towards implementing it.”
He noted that in other countries, the Automative industry is highly regulated and supported by the government because of the accruing benefits.
Adedoyin said it is only when the government supports the operation that it can compel all the dealers to register in order to monitor their activities.
He added that “that is when we can have the data of everyone in the business. That is the only way the government can check and balance all those in this trade.”
With such data in place, according to the AMDON boss, it will be easier for the government to detect those that have paid their tax, the number of cars entering the country, and the contraband.
He noted that if all the vehicles must come through a registered company it will be easier to trace all the vehicles to their origin instead of allowing the business to remain an all comers affair.
He said that since there is no data of vehicles entering into the county it is difficult to trace some of companies when necessary.
Adedoyin said that the regulation will be of immense benefit to the government in terms of security and economy.