The Man Richer Than Malaysian Big Boy Hushpuppi-Mompha

Meet Mompha, the man Richer than Malaysian Big Boy Hushpuppi (Photos)
Real name Ismail Mustapha a.k.a Mompha is said to be way richer than flamboyant big boy Hushpuppi.
The young Nigerian is said to have a pleasant personality and has a high taste for good things. He lives both home and abroad and flaunts wads of cash constantly on his Social media Pages.
He owns Mompha Bureau De Change, Located at Bankole street, Balogun in Lagos Island. He was hailed by 9ice in his “Living Things” song.
Mompha is married and is blessed with a child, he admits he prefers money to fame.


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“Well, I never wanted a million dollar face with a dollar in my pocket, That’s fame. I always want millions of dollars in my bank and I care less if nobody knows who I am, he once said.
Just like Hushpuppi, he loves Gucci and Louboutin and has a lot them. He got his 75th pair of Christian Louboutin signed by Mr Christian Loubotin himself.
He flies private jets and first class private suites.
He has lots of celebrity friends and doesn’t show off his spending like Hushpuppi does on social media.