YOUR VIEW!! Lucious Lyon Of “Empire” VS Ghost Saint Patrick Of “Power”, Who Is The Real Boss?


Hi Guys,
I guess you all are familiar with these two interesting season films, “Empire” and “Power“.
Yo! The two movies are super duper interesting that you’d want to watch what’s going to happen next as the story line unfolds.
Basically, both “Empire” and “Power” have one thing in common, they are both movies filled with boss moves from their major characters, Lucious Lyon and Ghost Saint Patrick.
Empire – Lucious Lyon

In the movie, Lucious Lyon was born, Dwight Walker. He is a talented musician at a very young age and had to do drug business to push his musical career.
He grew to become a music mogul from using the earnings from shady drug business which also landed his wife, Cookie Lyon in jail in a bid to help him.
After using drug money to build his record company named Empire, he had to struggle with the sexuality of his gay son and a music act under Empire, “Jamal” and his stubborn last born and Empire’s talented rapper “Hakeem“.
With series of in-house politics within his family and pressure from competing brands, Lucious had to make some wicked boss moves to keep his Empire alive.

Power – Ghost Saint Patrick

Like Lucious Lyon of “Empire“, Ghost Saint Patrick is also a big drug dealer.
His aim to cover his drug trading business with a legit investment on Club business led to many boss man decisions he made in the movie.
Asides that, Ghost who is married with Kids found himself still in love with his high school girlfriend who happens to be a lawyer for the prosecutor’s office.
Along the line in the movie, he’s got not choice than to deal with some baddass crazy situations which he had to be strategic to make sure he is not caught.
Ghost had to be boss enough to struggle in between challenges of dirty business and crime, friendship and betrayals as well as power and downfalls.

Considering the roles Lucius Lyon played in Empire and that of Ghost Saint Patrick in Power, it is still not clear who the real boss is between the duo.
Now, let’s settle this once and fall all
Between Lucious Lyon Of “Empire” And Ghost Saint Patrick Of “Power”, Who Is The Real Boss?
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